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The New Stone Material Of “Disguising Truth with Fake”

PU polyurethane, known as the “fifth largest clinker”, is a kind of high molecular material. A new type of wall decoration board is made by foaming high -density polyurethane material through a dedicated aluminum mold, and processing its surface with anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, flame retardant, anti-ultraviolet and other functions, which is the artificial material PU stone.

From the perspective of raw materials, PU stone is more like a cross-border new material, which applies familiar materials to the decoration materials of real stone. On the other hand, PU stone is widely used in various countries by virtue of its ability to “fake and fake”.


1. The texture is made of real stone inverted mold, the appearance and natural stone, the texture is delicate and realistic.

2.No radioactive pollution, non-toxic and tasteless.

3.Light weight, weight per square meter is only 5 kg, do not need other mechanical cooperation.

4.Good fire performance, temperature resistance in minus 20 degrees ~ high temperature 120 degrees .

5.It is a polymer material, and spray high-strength paint, make it acid resistance, sunscreen, durable.

6.Fast and convenient installation, can be used for most of the indoor flat substrate.


1. Outdoor building facades.

2. Indoor applications: wall decoration, columns, background walls, wall panels, bar finishes and so on.


All the shapes of cultural stones, PU stones are available.

1. Traditional concept:the Great Wall stone, tile, water stone, etc.

2.More distinctive : concrete cement board, mushroom stone.


We all know that the comprehensive cost of the original ecological rubble is very high, in addition to the material itself, the construction also needs to create a steel frame structure, and a huge amount of manpower and material resources and in some areas with high levels, there is a certain security risks.

Then, at this time PU stone has become an excellent substitute, realistic and delicate appearance and real stone is no different.

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